Becoming a Member of the Community

A community that gathers with a shared enthusiasm to bring the Buddha’s teachings to life is called a sangha. ‘Sangha’ is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘those who delight in virtue’. Sangha is the third of the ‘Three Jewels’ (along with the Buddha, and the dharma), and is the embodiment of the teaching and the intention of the Buddha and all of those who have come before. Membership in the sangha reflects a desire to actively participate in this endeavor. Becoming a member of our community doesn’t mean that you cannot be a member of another group, spiritual community, or church, but is a statement of interest and willingness to participate in what we do.

We invite you to become a member if:

  • you’re interested in exploring the teachings and in putting them into practice in your daily life.

  • you want to take an active part in the various activities of the sangha, such as our Monday night gatherings, our occasional social events, such as our pot luck dinners, and our activities in the larger Steamboat community.

  • you want to make a pledge of financial support. This is commonly done in the form of a monthly pledge of an amount that you choose.

If you would like to join our community, or if you have questions, contact Cathryn -

Your membership is extremely helpful in building the community.  A member votes on important community decisions, and is eligible to take on a leadership role by being a part of the leadership body of the community, the Sangha Council. If you would like to become a member of the sangha, please contact Tim.

Members are formally accepted into the community with a short, but formal ‘Entering the Sangha’ ceremony that is offered from time to time at the center.  


The Ceremony for Entering into the Sangha:

"In the presence of the Buddha, who lights the way for all who wander
Upholding the Dharma, the teachings that liberate all who listen
We wholeheartedly enter this Sangha, a community of those who delight in virtue

From this day onward, we strive to tame our fickle minds,
Propagating all that is wholesome,
And leaving behind that which causes harm

We vow to always care for those we meet, whether friend or foe,
greeting them with kindness and joy
For this is our family, who is always in our hearts

With courage and delight, together we travel this path to freedom
Awakening from darkness, we discover the treasury of mind
Radiant, compassionate wisdom is here for us to nourish
This is what awaits us, this is who we have always been."

You can make a donation, or recurring pledge - here